Milan Stanisavljevic (1944) was born on 15 January in Jabucje near Lajkovac – Serbia.
Sculpture deals since 1960 (16). He has been exhibiting since 1964 with his father and with Ivan Tabakovic, a significant artist of the former art scene, which was first recognized in the works Stanisavljevic, works of great artists of the future. After moving to Belgrade in 1974, Milan started professionally to deal with sculpture. Sculptures like the old black oak from 10,000 to 100,000 years, which is removed from riverbed of Kolubara.
He has had a large number of solo exhibitions and awards around the world.

Ivana Stanisavljevic Negic (1977) was born on Jun 29, 1977 in Belgrade, where she still lives and works.
She’s been painting from 2000.
As a descendant of great sculptors, her grandfather Dragisa and father Milan Stanisavljevic, she developed and formed her artistic taste amongst their black, oak, monumental, triple-headed figures, birds, lovers, saints…
Despite the great influence of her grandfather and father, she managed to build her own expression with dynamic relation to techniques, using various materials, forms which she’s been constantly testing. 
Her works are shown from 2001 at group exhibitions in the country and abroad.

Dragiša Stanisavljevic (1921 – 2012) was born in Jabučje, near Lajkovac (Serbia), on May 25.
He began doing sculpture in 1958 (37). The life in the village under patriarchal principles, century-old forests of his homeland certainly encouraged his impulse for freedom and modelling. He is an absolute self-taught, with strong sense for the stylization of form. A farmer by trade, Stanisavljević began to do sculpture in wood in 1958. Dragiša died in his native Jabučje on August 21. He is a world classic