Ivana Stanisavljevic

Ivana Stanisavljević Negić

She was born in 1977 in Belgrade,
where she still lives and works

She was born in 1977 in Belgrade, where she still lives and works. She’s been painting from 2000.

As a descendant of great sculptors, her grandfather Dragisa and father Milan Stanisavljevic, she developed and formed her artistic taste amongst their black, oak, monumental, triple-headed figures, birds, lovers, saints…

Despite the great influence of her grandfather and father, she managed to build her own expression with dynamic relation to techniques, using various materials, forms which she’s been constantly testing. Her dynamic, researching spirit, born sensibility and desire for an unique signature, will show a hole new list of artistic works which undoubtedly prove that Ivana although a young painter, a beginner, is, with no exception, original and unique.

Her works are shown from 2001 at group exhibitions in the country and abroad.

Before painting, she was training athletics for many years and she was a real capacity that was promising to only aim for the high places in the world of sports, multitalented contestants, who achieved as good results on hurdles as in running and long jump. Her performance was noticed on the numerous competitions. For many years she represented her country as a standard representative of Yugoslavia, and was also a team capiten in the athletics club Red Star, whose colours she had defended for about 13 years.

Accustomed to winning, she successfully continued to paint after having finished her high school.

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– Tenth International Biennial of Naive and Marginal Art – Jagodina


– Exhibition marking the 160th anniversary of the establishment of the Dimitrije Tucović Elementary School in Jabučje


– Eleventh International Biennial of Naive and Marginal Arts – Jagodina (Where it received recognition for exhibited works)


– Le Manoir de la Ville de Martigny (Suisse) – an exhibition of Serbian authors where it is presented as the third generation of artists in the Stanisavljevic family. Together with her grandfather and father, she was in the company of the greatest names in contemporary Serbian art: Sava Sekulic, Elijah Bosil Basicevic, Bogosav Zivkovic, Emerik Fees, Ilija Filipovic, Vojislav Jakic, Todor Stevanovic, Zoran Todovic and Mrjan Bajic (optional by Mario del Curto, assistant) , Sonia Ott)

– 12th Art Colony of Naive and Marginal Art – Jagodina


– Paris, Halle Saint-Pierre, exhibition title: Esprit de la forêt, 2

– 10th Cairo Int. The Biennale, hosted by Prime Minister Hosni Mubarak, where Father Milan Stanisavljevic was the guest of honor and winner of the Gold Medal for the solo exhibition. 120 authors from 60 countries of the world participated. Ivana Stanisavljevic Negic was an assistant and translator.


– 13th Biennial of Naive and Marginal Arts in Jagodina

– Participates in the preparation and photographing of sculptures for the catalog of his grandfather Dragisa Stanisavljevic, at an exhibition at the Modern Gallery, European Heritage Days, Lazarevac


– Network Exhibition, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade 19. Jun

– Cvijeta Zuzorić Pavilion, guest exhibition of the 13th International Biennale of Naive and Marginal Art 10-25.01.


– 14th International Biennial of Naive and Marginal Art, Jagodina


– Cvijeta Zuzorić Pavilion – an exhibition on the occasion of the admission of new members,

– April 1 – June 1 – first solo exhibition, Macola Gallery – Kustendorf, Swordsman

– Cvijeta Zuzorić Pavilion – 1- 20.04. Spring Exhibition

– National Bank of Serbia, Nemanjina 17, Belgrade May 15 – May 26, 2010, Networks III


– Artmarket, King Peter I House, Senjak

– Hall III, Ethno Food and Drink Fair

– Djura Jaksic House, Solo Exhibition August 15 – September 30


– Autumn Exhibition, Flower Zuzoric Pavilion


– Legacy House, exhibition on the occasion of the painting colony on Zlatibor

– Exhibition in Slovakia, on the occasion of the painting colony, Humena


– Solo Exhibition, Gallery, Ub

– Solo exhibition, Cultural Center, Lajkovac

– Cvijeta Zuzorić Pavilion, exhibition on occasion of the Biennale of MNU Jagodina

– Art Fair in Poland, Katowice


– Exhibition Gallery 73. Joint Exhibition, Toys

– Cvijeta Zuzoric Pavilion, Autumn Exhibition


– The first Balkan ARTBRUT Salon 24.06.- 30.06.

– Self-taught Visionary Art Triennial, MNMU October

– Gallery of the National Museum of Valjevo November 15 – December 11


– 19th art colony of naive and marginal art of MNMU Jagodina

– La Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, 07/09/2017 – 31/07/2018 Turbulences dans les Balkans

– Spring Exhibition, Cvijeta Zuzoric Pavilion, April 2017.