Ivana's achievements in athletics

– Athlete A.K. Red Star from 1987-2000. with Coach Alexander Obradovic-Bambi.
– She was the team captain in Ljubljana at the Cup of Champions and ran three disciplines in one day 100m hurdles, 400m hurdles and 4x100m relay.
– At the Serbian Junior Championships in Subotica, she won five gold medals in the 100m, 80m hurdles, long jump, 400m hurdles and 4x100m relay.
– As a junior, she participated in the Senior 4x100m relay competition in Copenhagen at the Champions Cup – Group C, member of the Red Star team.
– She won a silver medal at the Junior Champions Cup, B-Group in Paris in the 4x100m relay, third place at the 100m hurdles at the Balkan Games in Nis, and also won the fourth place at the 100m hurdles at Bucharest and the fifth place at the 400m hurdles.
– 19 times won awards at Yugoslav competitions, 24 Serbian awards and 22 Belgrade awards.
– Won 8 bronze, 11 silver and 14 gold medals.
– She held the junior record of A.K. Red Star 400m hurdles.
– She was a junior national team player in Yugoslavia.