About Creativity of Mr. Milan Stanisavljevich – The Sculptor

Mr. Stanisavljevich is a dreamer who is able to articulate all his interests, and all his experience taken from his rural surroundings or the whirlpool of modern urban life.

Uniquely sensitive, with his powerful visions, he was searching, by making his sculptors, the possibility to express his feelings completely, using big surfaces and forms. According to his ideas the shaped entwine, entangle, fuse or free themselves. Most of his sculptures are multi surfaced, multi-leveled, with the front-sides and back-sides fused together sometimes

Professor Ivan Tabakovic
The University of Art Belgrade

The third life of the oak trees From the bottom of the river Kolubara

First, there were ancient, thick hundreds of thousands years old forests around the river. The forests protected people and animals from harsh winds, rains, deep snows and blazing Sun. Then, the forests sank, disappeared in some sort of cataclysm, remaining for centuries deep under the layers of earth and water, getting under the huge pressure. New shapes preparing to remain buried for the eternity. That was their second life.
But then, the resurrection started, the spirit of the forests reappeared.

The most beautiful, stunning trees, resisting decay and coal forming, found themselves embraced by dreamer, the sculptor Mr. Milan Stanisavljevich, the only naïve sculptor with academy recognition. The 100.000years old trunks got new shapes, new characteristics and life, taken out, to daylight. They got the shapes of people and animals of the whole world that used to live in those ancient forests, and now it is their third and utmost life – the serenity.

If today, you can feel and experience the spirit and the scent,, the smell of those primordial, primeval forests while you are looking at the touching those hard, black, massive shapes, it means that a gift of God was given to Mr. Milan Stanisavljevich, who is among us now, to enlighten us, to bridge over centuries and face us and connect us with our ancestors and leave the messages to our descendants, to show us the mesmerized worlds of peoples souls, buried deep down, to confront us with the world which is emerging under his tools, captivating the eternity.

By Dobrica Eric
Dobrica Erić (Serbian Cyrillic: Добрица Ерић; 22 August 1936 – 29 March 2019) was a Serbian writer and poet.

Mr. Milan Stanisavljevic – The Sculptor
The Magic man From a Small Village Jabuchje

I have been in close contact with Mr. Stanisavljevic and his work for more then 30 years now, not only because I am a curious person, or because I have to do that because of my profession, or because of the fact that I am the curator of the national museum in Belgrade, (Serbia), but because of my certainty that his sculptures will, very soon, in the years to come, at the beginning of the third millennium become the evidence of the highest quality and uniqueness of Serbian creativity in sculpture making, in the second half of the 20th century.

I am sure of that for the simple reason: Mr. Milan’s sculptures have a powerful, primeval strength.

By Nikola Kusovac, The Curator of Belgrade National Museum

Peđa Ristić
Peđa Ristić
1962. Novine
Newspaper 1962.